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Does Mast Farm offer Contents Protection Coverage options, or coverage for damage to the container?

Mast Farms offers two types of protection options through Storage Protectors––Container Only Option (COO), and Contents Protection Option (CPO). 

Below, you will find basic information on both options including price ranges.

  1. Container Only Option (COO)

Pursuant to the terms of the Mast Farm Storage Rental Agreement, customer's are responsible for any damage to a unit while the unit is the customer's care and possession. The COO gives you the opportunity to protect yourself against financial loss in the event the Mobile Pod container itself suffers any damage. Mast Farm charges one low price per month for this coverage. Damage to the container however will not be covered if the damage was caused by willful or intentional acts or items stored in the container prohibited by the Mast Farm Storage rental agreement.

  1. Contents Protection Option (CPO)

Events may occur that may cause damage to your items stored in our units and also damage to the container itself. Your items may have little or no coverage under homeowners or renters insurance policies. Additionally, Mast Farm Storage is not responsible for damage to your stored property and our rental agreement requires you to maintain coverage for your personal property stored in our container, so it is important to find coverage for your possessions. 

You are also responsible for any damage to the container under our rental agreement. As a solution, we offer CPO. Your contents and the container will be covered from a variety of risks under this option. 

Certain exclusions and limitations apply. Please either call a Mast Farm Storage agent for full coverage details or you may consult the Storage Protectors' Brochure for more information.
Storage Protectors’ Contents Protection Option (CPO) gives you the choice of how much coverage you elect to purchase based on the declared value of the contents you intend to store in a unit. 

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