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Step 2. We Deliver & You Pack at Your Pace
Step 3. Schedule a Pick-Up We Collect & Store
Step 4. We Return Your Items When You Need Them
Step 1. Rent a Pod, Order Boxes & Schedule Delivery

How it Works

People Carrying Boxes

Valet Storage

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Valet Storage Features

Tired of all the mess? Looking for a place to store all of your items? You’ve come to the right place! At Mast Farm, we provide a wide selection of options to suit your needs. Our Valet Storage ensures clients a convenient, safe, and secure way to store all of their most valuable items. You place the order and leave the rest up to us. It's that simple. Storage problem solved!

Get Started

Manage Your Items Online

Login to your account to see exactly what you have stored. Order it back at the touch of a button! We'll bring it within 24-hours of a request.

Safe, secure & protected

Your stuff is stored in plastic containers in our highly insulated on-site weeather-proof pods, with 24hr security. No matter what you store at Mast Farm, you can rest with total peace of mind.

Let us move for you

We'll deliver your free boxes and collect your items at no additional cost. Our professional moving team can even help you pack.

Increase Space Without the Hassle

Whether you need to clear a room for a few weeks, are in the middle of moving, or just need to store a few things, valet storage is a definite time-saver.

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